I Don’t Like You But I Want You To Want Me. – The Manifest-Station




One thing men should know is the fact that ladies don’t always know exactly what they want.   As a man strive to make your lady always coming back for more.

Well, I am here to come to the rescue of the poor souls who have got no clue as to what it is women yearn for.

Most men assume that impressing us with money,flowers,gifts and dinners does all the magic, just for your information, it doesn’t!.

Hold on tight and wear your reading glasses because the class for being the ultimate man has just begun.

Men… be yourself since everyone else is taken. This is the only version of you that will make a woman truly happy. There is no substitute for the real you, so do not change your personality to match what you think someone wants. Stop worrying so much about pleasing women and just have a good time. Life is short, you know!

If you want to stand out different from the large crowd who hit on her all day long, challenge her.

Act indifferent and aloof towards her, she will eventually get attracted to you.

Make them believe that you are just calling because you are very bored, in fact act disinterested sexually.

You will be shocked by the fact that they will often do their best to get your attention. Again, this drives women crazy. It practically makes them obsessed over a man, but of course we will never admit it.

A woman needs a man, not a boy or a sissy. A woman needs to feel secure under your umbrella.

We all know that majority of women are strong and smart but we still need our men to protect us.

If by any chance your woman is in danger, be her superman. In addition, your role, as a man is to lead This means you should set boundaries and enforce them in your relationship. Men, Kindly do not let yourselves get walked over by your women. Stand your ground.You can achieve this by establishing goals and responsibilities and with a sense of direction. Such men are highly respected.

Try as much as possible to get some moves down. Women love sex just as much as men do. Well, it is quite difficult to find a great and passionate lover. Women will instantly get addicted to skillful lovers who make them feel ecstasy and teach them new ways of feeling incredible. I call it sexual karma. In short, have a sexual mastery and you will sweep her off her feet. It is annoying when a man is off beat, so, get it together and do it right!

There is nothing as irritating in this world as having a boring man .I hate boring. I mean, we all do. A sense of humor is an aphrodisiac to women. We are magnetically attracted to men who crack us up, if you can keep a woman laughing, everything will go your way no matter how badly you screw things up. Make time for your lady and be fun and adventurous. It is intriguing.

Men, if it has not been working out between some of you and your women,you should try out some, if not all of the tips I just mentioned above and believe you me, your women will keep on running back to you.